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  • Guidelines for creating video snippets using Camtasia

  • It is helpful to have a summary of all of your data separated into an outline of the tutorial. For example, refer to Dr. Bhaskaran's outline for the ANSYS problem

  • After the videos are created, make sure to add a text summary of the videos. You can check how to do that in Step 1: Introduction to Editing in Confluence

How to link to a specific spot on a page?

Linking within a page is pretty easy. You first add an Anchor where you want the link to go to, and then you create the link to that place somewhere.

1) Creating the Anchor

a) Go to location where you want the link to go to

b) Click on +Insert > Other Macros > Anchor

c) Give it a name. It can contain spaces. Readers will not see this anchor! (Example: Boundary Conditions)

a) Click on Link, then go to Advanced

b1) If the anchor is on the same page as the link, you can simply add #Anchor Name on the Link text box (for instance #Boundary Conditions). Write the text to display on the link on the next text box. (say, "Jump to Boundary Conditions")

b2) If the anchor is on another page within SimCafe, you then should add Page name#Anchor Name on the Link text box (in our example: Physics Setup#Boundary Conditions)



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