Add you tutorial to the main page

After getting Prof. Bhaskaran's approval, watch the following video to add your tutorial to the main page.

  • Get Prof. Bhaskaran's approval to add content to the main page
  • Go to ANSYS (or FLUENT) Learning Modules and click Edit
  • Go to the end of the Table containing the tutorials
  • Click on any cell of last row and click "Add row after"
    • First cell: add a picture. Change its size to 150px
    • Second cell: write the name of the tutorial (hit enter to enlarge the text). Link it to your tutorial's main page
    • Third cell: Course/Research group for which your tutorial was created
    • Fourth cell: Type of analysis. Use other tutorials as reference.
  • Click Save.

(Future: Show them how to create a discussion on Piazza for the students)

Go to: Additional Resources

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