Confluence has had a lot of changes since it first began; when it started, it was almost all editing in HTML, and required some fighting with it to get the styling and content right. Now, Confluence has included buttons on the Edit interface to make sure editors have all of the functionality that they need in order to create all of the items in a tutorial. If you are interested in a more in-depth discussion of editing the website, please see the “Editing in HTML” portion in the Additional Resources page. 

In order to edit the website, you will need administrator permission to do so; email ########## to ask for permission

Once logged in, the 'Edit' button becomes live, and you can access the Confluence editing interface.


Below is a list of all the functions in Edit mode that you would need to use in creating a module on SimCafe.  

Latex Plugin

  • +Insert -> Other macros
  • Type in 'latex'
  • Select the Latex macro
  • Press 'Insert'

Including Geometry, Images, and other files

  • +Insert -> Files and Images
  • Either Upload Files, or enter image URL after clicking 'Images from the web'

Including YouTube Videos

  • +Insert -> Other macros
  • Type in "html" and select "HTML"
  • On the box, type:
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • edit the "VIDEO_CODE_HERE to add the unique code of your video

Alternative way to Include Youtube Videos

  • +Insert -> Other macros
  • Type in 'youtube'
  • Select the 'Widget Connector' Macro
  • Input the entire URL from the search box at top of screen
  • Add width and height of widget; Width = 600, Height = 338

Including 'Under Construction' notes

  • +Insert -> Other macros
  • Select the 'Note' macro
  • Type in the text that will be included with the note

Including Links

  • +Insert -> Link
  • Click on 'Web Link'
  • Include the URL of the link in the Address
  • Include the text that will be the clickable link text

Including Links that Open in New Tab

  • +Insert -> Other Macros
  • Type in 'open new tab'
  • Select the 'open new tab' macro
  • Type in the url

Expanded Lists

  • +Insert -> Other macros
  • Type in 'expand'
  • Select the 'Expand' macro
  • Type in the title (the text that will be clickable for the expansion)
  • Edit the content


Copying Pages

  • This is the only action that is not done in the Edit mode
  • Click on the ellipses (...) at the top right corner of the page
  • Click on 'Copy'


The module template that you will find on the next page will have all of these functions inside it, and they are all copy-pastable, making changing/adding content even easier. 


Go to Step 2: Creating a Module Using the Template

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