Quick Reference:

  • Tutorial TemplateDo not edit it! Edit the copy you create (see first video below)
  • Panel Template. Again, do not edit it! Create a copy and edit your copy (see second video below)


We've created a template to use when creating new Modules in SimCafe. This template ensures that the tutorials have a common structure, even though the tutorials are developed by different authors. We also have a Panel Template to use with the second video, which will help to link all of the pages together. 

Copying the Template Pages

  • Open the template
  • Open all of the template pages (Problem Specification to COmments) in a new tab
  • Copy each page
    • (...) Button, and click Copy, for each page
  • Rename the Title of each page
    • ANSYS OR FLUENT for home page
    • Add name of tutorial for all other pages
  • Check that each page shows 'Created by (your name)'
    • If not, undo this by clicking (...), and then Page history, and restore the version before your change

Linking the Pages Together

  • Open the Panel Template
  • Copy the page; (...) button, Copy
  • Add name of Module to panel
  • Change Author and University names
  • Edit the links in the panel
    • Left click link -> edit;
    • Type in name of page in confluence that you want to link
    • Press Save
    • Press Save to close editing
    • Repeat for all links
  • Back on home page, click edit
    • Left click -> edit the first 'Include Page'
    • Change name to 'ANSYS Google Analytics' or 'FLUENT Google Analytics'
    • Now left click -> edit the second 'Include Page'
    • Change name to the name of your panel page, and save
    • left click -> edit the 'Go to step...' link at the end, to the next page in your module
  • Double check the links in all of your pages


After you have copied and linked all of your new module pages together, be sure to keep the name or the URL of your homepage saved somewhere (email, docs, notes, etc.) so that you can find it in the future. The module will not be put onto the front pages of SimCafe until all of the content is added and checked, and you will have to search for it yourself until it is completed. 

Moving the pages to the proper directory

  • Open you tutorial home page
  • Copy the page; (...) button, Move
  • Move it to ANSYS (or FLUENT) - Learning Modules
  • Move each sub page of your tutorial (Geometry, Mesh, etc) to your tutorial's main page
  • Another way to do this:
    • When first copying the template's page, click on the first icon to the right of the title and change it's location like described above.


  • When editing your tutorial, make sure to uncheck "Notify Watchers"

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