Please follow the following guidelines when creating, editing, uploading, and embedding a video tutorial:

How to Record Videos using Camtasia

  1. Open the Camtasia Application on your computer, expect to see the following toolbar:
  2. Put on your audio headset and talk normally, noting the audio level, like so
  3. Adjust the slider so that it rests in the green to yellow range, about 2/3 across the length
  4. For your local computer, adjust your screen resolution to 1280 x 720
    Note: Use an HD widescreen monitor of at least 20”
  5. Expand Camtasia’s green dotted line so that the entire screen is selected as the area to record
  6. Hit Record, perform your tutorial
    Note: Throughout your video, return the cursor to the same location on the screen after each step is completed.  This will allow you to more easily remove mistakes from the video later
  7. At the end of your tutorial, leave 10 seconds of silence
  8. Press F10 to end your tutorial
  9. When the video is finished, select 1280 x 720 as the video’s resolution

How to Edit Videos using Camtasia


Text Instructions

  1. Open Camtasia Studio
  2. Import your media file into the clip bin
  3. Right click on the clip, add to timeline or drag clip onto timeline

  4. In the video previewer, set the size to 1280x720

  5. To get rid of the background noise, click on the audio tab and enable Noise Removal 

  6. To highlight your cursor, go to the more tab, cursor effects. Under the dropdown menu for highlight, select highlight 

  7. To snip the silence at the end, toggle the edge of the clip and slide it left and right 

  8. To split a single clip, scroll to the time and press the split button

  9. To focus the screen on a certain area of the video clip:
    1. Click on the Zoom-n-Pan tab
    2. Go to the time you want to zoom, resize the box to zoom
    3. Go to the time you want to zoom out, resize the box to include the entire screen
    4. Toggle the arrow start point and end point on the timeline to adjust fade in and fade out timing
  10. To append a video to the end of your first video, merely import the media clip and drag it to the right of the first clip. Make all necessary adjustments with the above steps

Uploading to Youtube 

  1. Save your video, Produce & Share, Produce to YouTube
  2. Upload to the account:
  3. Use the following tags: Cornell, ANSYS, tutorial, SimCafe, and a tag related to the specifics of your problem
  4. In the Description of the video, provide a link to the Confluence page for the tutorial.  This will increase traffic to the site and improve our Google search rankings

Embedding Youtube Video into Relevant Tutorial Page

  1. Go on the Youtube page of the video that you want to embed in SimCafe.
  2. Click on "Share" then click on "Embed"
  3. Select custom size then input 560 x 315
  4. Make sure "Show suggested videos" is deselected.
  5. Copy-paste the html code provided by Youtube in the wiki markup of the page you want to include the video
  6. Add

before and after the code that you just pasted to let Confluence know that this code is in HTML. 

For example:

{html}<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>{html}


Recording Powerpoint Presentation for YouTube using Camtasia

Please follow the guidelines given here when recording a powerpoint presentation using Camtasia.

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