What is ANSYS AIM?

ANSYS AIM is a simulation package that offers single and multiphysics solutions for thermal, modal, structural, fluid, and electrical analyses. ANSYS AIM uses finite-element and related methods to solve the underlying governing equations and the associated problem-specific boundary conditions.

List of Learning Modules

In this short course you will be taken through ANSYS AIM and learn how to solve a variety of problems. The learning modules lead the user through the steps involved in solving a selected problem or set of problems. We not only provide the solution steps but also the rationale behind them. It is worthwhile for you to understand the underlying concepts as you travel through the learning modules in order to be able to correctly apply ANSYS AIM to other situations that you may encounter. You would be ill-served by clicking through the learning modules in zombie-mode. Each learning module is followed by problems which are geared towards strengthening and reinforcing the knowledge and understanding gained in the learning modules. Working through the problem sets is an intrinsic part of the learning process and shouldn't be skipped.

Analysis Using ANSYS AIM

The following ANSYS tutorials show you how to obtain a solution from scratch using ANSYS AIM. 

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