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Physics Setup

Click on Physics in the workflow. In the Physics template input a Frequency of 200Hz.

Specify Material

Click on Add, next to Material Assignments > Material Assignment > Air (Material Samples). Next, click on body selection in top right corner. Select the Surrounding region and click Add. This assigns air to the surrounding region.

Repeat the above steps except assign Copper (Material Sample) to the coil and Aluminum Alloy (Material Sample) to the plate. In order to make this process easier. Right click on surrounding region and select Hide Body.  

Boundary Conditions / Forces

Since a current is running through the copper coil, a current condition will need to be created. Right click > Add > Electromagnetic Conditions > Current. Then select the face below for the Cross-Sectional face or body.

Input an Operating Current of 2.742 Amps and 1000 for Number of Conductors.

Finally, a Skin Depth Resolution needs to be specified. Right click, and select Fix. Select the top face of the plate and move the Resolution slider up to Fine. The Skin Depth Resolution will automatically refine the mesh where the eddy currents occur.

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