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Pre-Analysis & Start-Up

Governing Equations 

Magnetic frequency response is the study of magnetic fields in devices where the magnetic field is a steady-state, sinusoidal magnetic field at a given frequency.  Magnetic frequency response is a special case of Maxwell’s equations, which form the basis of electromagnetism.  A magnetic frequency response solution includes the calculation of Eddy currents, which are loops of electric current within conductive materials induced by a changing magnetic field.

For sinusoidally varying magnetic fields, the induced Eddy currents will not completely penetrate into the interior of a conductive material. This is referred to as the skin effect, and the Eddy current penetration depth for a conductor can be calculated from the following equation

where δ is the penetration depth, f is the frequency, μ is the magnetic permeability of the material, and σ is the electrical conductivity of the material.


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Now that the the pre-calculations are finished, we are ready to begin the simulation in ANSYS AIM. Open ANSYS AIM by going to Start > All Apps > ANSYS 18.2 > ANSYS AIM 18.2. Once starting page has opened, select the Magnetics template as shown below.

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