Verification & Validation

Create Another Instance of the Project

Return to the Project Schematic Window. Right click on the Fluid Flow (FLUENT) box , and select Duplicate. This will create another instance of the project. When the duplicate box generates, rename it Refined Mesh

Refine the Mesh

Open up the mesher of the newly created project by double clicking box of Refined Mesh. We want to refine the mesh by increasing the number of elements. To accomplish this, expand Mesh in the Outline window, and click Edge Sizing. If you followed the tutorial, this should be an element sizing of the horizontal lines of the domain. Decrease the Element Size from 0.1 to .025. Next, click Edge Sizing 2, the divisional edge sizing of the outlet and inlet. Increase the Number of Divisions to {{80)) divisions. In the menu bar, select Mesh > Generate Mesh. After the Mesh Generates, close the mesher.

Connect The Unrefined Mesh's Solution

Return to the project schematic. We want to be able to compare the Unrefined Mesh's results to those of the Refined Mesh. To accomplish, click and drag the Solution Box of the 2D Steady Convection project instance to the Results Box of the Refined Mesh Project instance. See the picture below for clarification.

Next, press to update the project.

View Results

Next, open the Post Processor of the Refined Mesh project instance by double clicking . In the Outline, select the Temperature Along Centerline chart we made earlier. Next, In the Details of Temperature Along Centerline window, go to the Line Display tab. You should see there are two data series on the graph. Select Series 1 for Refined Mesh, change Line Style to Dot, and press Apply. You should now see two plotted lines on the plot, as below.

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Repeat this process for the Temperature Along Outlet chart.

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Because the data does not diverge as we refine the mesh, we have validated our results. We are done with the simulation.

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