Easy way to connect remotely : 

First, establish a VPN connection to the campus network before using a remote lab computer unless you are on some parts of the Cornell campus network. 

  • Obtain CISCO Anyconnect from it.cornell.edu/vpn - follow the install instructions for your operating system. Your user name will be netid@en-ma-vpn-acad Use your regular netid password.
  • Note that VPN now requires two-step login. In the drop down titled Group, select Two-factor, then Tab after you put in your password. 

Then, use the remote access portal to the Swanson lab to simplify the connection process:  https://remoteaccess.labstats.com/cornell-swanson-lab.html

Important note about saving data: Please save files locally, say on Desktop, during your remote session and then copy them over to a cloud drive like Onedrive or Google Drive before the session ends. Otherwise, you’ll lose your work after the remote session ends. 

The Swanson lab computers have "swsn" in their names. They use the Ansys research license which has no restriction on the node/cell count. 

Make sure your remote desktop client is the most recent. Some older versions do not connect properly and give nondescript errors which are difficult to troubleshoot.

Less easy way to connect remotely : 

Please watch the following video to learn how to connect remotely. 

A few things have been changed since this video was recorded, please use the links and tips included below.

  • Install VPN (you may be able to skip this if on some parts of the Cornell campus network). This requires two-step login.

  • Open CiscoAnyConnect and connect to VPN
    Log in to VPN  OR Launch the secure mobility client on your computer by typing cuvpn.cuvpn.cornell.edu in the address bar. Note that you need the @en-ma-vpn-acad extension after your netID.

  • When using Remote Desktop, the extension for the Swanson computers has changed slightly, please use: en-ma-swsn-##-u.coecis.cornell.edu. Simply replace the ## with the number of the computer you want to use (17-28 are available). Use the link above to check which computers are available. You will have to use your personal netid login, not a team login such as Baja or FSAE.

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