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  • Activate Academic Research License : This tip shows how to switch from a teaching license to a research license if you have purchased both licenses. The teaching license has a limitation on the maximum number of nodes in your model whereas the research license doesn't put a limit on the maximum number of nodes.
  • Set Number of Cores: To set the number of cores in ANSYS Mechanical, go to Tools > Solve Process Settings > Advanced and change Max number of utilized processors. You will need a valid HPC license to use more than 4 cores. To maximize the amount of memory available for a solve, close memory hogs and start-up programs before hitting Solve.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure : This tip demonstrates how to use the Hydrostatic Pressure load to determine the water level.
  • Auto Constraints : This tip demonstrates how to turn on Auto Constraints in DesignModeler, which is not turned on by default in ANSYS 15.0.







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