Launch ANSYS and Save



To access ANSYS, you have three options described below.


Option 1: Download ANSYS to your personal Windows PC

Click on the link below to download the student version of ANSYS. Fall 2020 students are advised to download Workbench 2020 R1 found under "Prior Releases."




Option 2: Apps on Demand (AoD)

Detailed instructions on how to access ANSYS through AoD are in the video above. Here are some links that can be useful for troubleshooting.


Linking Google Drive (Preferred for Students): You need to set up access each session, but you don't need to move your files at all.

Link: to an external site.


The link below takes you to the main Apps on Demand web page for Cornell IT. Here, you can find articles on general, troubleshooting, and usage information.


Option 3: Remotely Connect to the Swanson Lab

Link: Remotely Connect to the Swanson Lab



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