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Physics Setup

Press the Physics tab in the workflow. Create a new material assignment by clicking on Material Assignments. Under Material, click on the drop down menu and create a new material called ‘wire’. Then click on wire in order to provide material constants. Under Default State select Solid then Add > Isotropic Thermal Conductivity and value below. Follow the same process for adding Isotropic Resistivity.

Boundary Conditions / Forces

Next, the boundary conditions for the wire need to be created. Right click > Add > Electromagnetic Conditions> Current. Select on end of the wire and input a Current of 250 amps.  Since the model of the wire is a one quarter symmetric model, one quarter of the total current will be entered for the current value. 

Right click again > Electromagnetic Conditions > Voltage. Select the other end of the wire as the Location and input 0 V as the Voltage.  The voltage condition allows the current to exit the current conduction model.

Right click again > Solid Thermal Conditions > Convection. Select the curved face as the location and input the Heat Transfer Coefficient and Convection Temperature as shown below in the image.  

No boundary conditions are required on the symmetry surfaces as a symmetry boundary condition for electric conduction and heat transfer is a natural (unspecified) boundary condition.  Now that the Boundary conditions are set, the results are ready to be calculated.


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