Step 2: Specify element type and constants

Specify Element Type

Main Menu > Preprocessor > Element Type > Add/Edit/Delete > Add...

Under Structural Mass, pick Solid in the left field and Brick 8-node 45 in the right field. Click OK.

Close the Element Types dialog box and also the Element Type menu.

Specify Element Constants

Main Menu > Preprocessor> Real Constants > Add/Edit/Delete > Add...

This brings up the Element Type for Real Constants menu with a list of the element types defined in the previous step. We have only one element type and it is automatically selected. Click OK.

You should get a note saying "Please check and change keyopt setting for element SOLID45 before proceeding." This means that there are no real constants to be specified for this element, as you might recall from the plate tutorial.

Close the Real Constants menu.

Save Your Work

Toolbar > SAVE_DB

Go to Step 3: Specify material properties

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