Press the Results button in the Workflow to extract information from the simulation. In order to find information that can be readily used, first press Evaluate Results. Once the evaluation is complete, AIM will automatically output a vector in the Results section under Objects.

Select the Velocity Vector to edit the settings with which the vectors are defined. Update the Location to Symmetry 1, change Symbol distribution to Based on mesh and input 5 for At every Nth element. Change the Symbol sizing in the Appearance section to alter how big the arrows are. Press the Play button in the model window to see how these velocity vectors develop over time.

Pressure on the body can be plotted by adding a Contour in the Add dropdown menu. Use Pressure as the Variable and then select the faces of the airplane body.

Streamlines can be computed by picking the Streamline option in the Add drop down menu near the Results category. Select the 2 faces at the nose of the airplane as the Seed location. Then, input 60 for Approximate number of points. Under Line settings in the Appearance section, change the Line type to Ribbon and the Ribbon width to 0.1. Press the Play button in the model window to see how these streamlines develop over time. Using Ribbon as the Line type allows us to see how the flow twists.

A pressure contour can be applied to the streamline to show the pressure change as the flow goes over the airplane. Right click the empty model area and select Add > Results > Contour. The Location should automatically be updated to Streamline 1. Change the Variable to Pressure and press Evaluate.


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