Physics Setup

Boundary Conditions / Forces

First, the inlet must be defined using the Fluid Flow Conditions. In the Add drop down menu by Fluid Flow Conditions, select Inlet. Then, using the Face selection tool, define an inlet at the face of the enclosure in front of the airplane. Make sure to input the Velocity magnitude as 600 [mi hr^-1] and 0 [F] for the Temperature.

In the same Add menu, select Outlet to define an outlet at the tail end of the enclosure. Assign a Gauge static pressure of 0 [psi].

Create openings for the sides of the flow volume by selecting Opening in the Add drop down menu. Select the top and bottom faces of the enclosure, plus the side face opposite the wing tip. Input 0 [Pa] for the Gauge entrainment pressure.

Add a Symmetry condition from the Add drop down menu to the face coincident with the cut airplane body.

Next, a Wall condition must be added to all surfaces that are not already defined. Wall can be found in the same Add menu as the previous conditions. AIM will automatically select every face that doesn't already have a constraint..

Press Solve Physics in the Physics panel to run the calculations.


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