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What is ANSYS AIM?

ANSYS is a finite-element analysis package used widely in industry to simulate the response of a physical system to structural loading, and thermal and electromagnetic effects. ANSYS uses the finite-element method to solve the underlying governing equations and the associated problem-specific boundary conditions.

List of Learning Modules

Each learning module below contains a step-by-step tutorial that shows details of how to solve a selected problem using ANSYS, a popular tool for finite-element analysis (FEA). The tutorial topics are drawn from Cornell University courses, the Prantil et al  textbook, student/research projects etc. If a tutorial is from a course, the relevant course number is indicated below. All tutorials have a common structure and use the same high-level steps starting with Pre-Analysis and ending with Verification and Validation . Pre-Analysis includes hand calculations to predict expected results while Verification and Validation can be thought of as a formal process for checking computer results. Both these steps are extremely important in practice though often overlooked. The pedagogical philosophy behind these modules is discussed in this article from the ANSYS Advantage magazine.

Finite Element Analysis Using ANSYS AIM

The following ANSYS tutorials show you how to obtain an FEA solution from scratch using ANSYS AIM. 

Introductory Tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

Cardiovascular Stent Static Structural

High Resolution FE Model
of Bone

MAE 6640

Static Structural


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