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Pre-Analysis & Start-Up


There are three difference theories for finding the solution for the bending of a curved beam. There is elasticity theory, where


There is Winkler Bach Theory, where


And there is the straight beam theory, where


ANSYS Simulation

Now, let's load the problem into ANSYS and see how a computer simulation will compare. First, start by downloading the files here
The zip file should contain the following contents:

  • Curved Beam Solution_files folder
  • Curved Beam Solution.wbpj

Please make sure to extract both of these files from the zip folder, the program will not work otherwise. (Note: The solution was created using ANSYS workbench 13.0 release, there may be compatibility issues when attempting to open with older versions).

2. Double click "Curved Beam Solution.wbpj" - This should automatically open ANSYS workbench (you have to twiddle your thumbs a bit before it opens up). You will be presented with the ANSYS solution.

A tick mark against each step indicates that that step has been completed.

3. To look at the results, double click on "Results" - This should bring up a new window (again you have to twiddle your thumbs a bit before it opens up).

4. On the left-hand side there should be an "Outline" toolbar. Look for "Solution (A6)".

We'll investigate the items listed under Solution in the next step in this tutorial.

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