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CUL Repository Executive Group (RepoExec) - Update Fall 2019

 As of December 2019, the Repository Executive Group is no longer meeting. Some of the work previously done by RepoExec will now be carried on by the Repository Coordinating Committee (RCC); information on the RCC can be found at:


The Cornell University Library manages an increasingly distributed and complex suite of services and platforms and therefore needs to consider a range of issues including architecture, policy, metadata/interoperability, service provision, communication, usability, resource requirements, and innovation. The RepoExec will explore these issues with the goal of crafting recommendations to create a more cohesive repository policy for CUL, with an eye towards the broadening venues for scholarly communication and the role of open access in changing the publishing landscape.
CUL supports several digital repositories to archive and/or provide access to a wide range of digital information. Examples include eCommons, DigitalCommons@ILR, DigitalCommons@Law, CULAR, Luna Insight, Kaltura, Shared Shelf, as well as specific digital collections built using DLXS (Digital Library eXtension Service). These systems include many digital genres such as visual images, digital images, research data files, AV, electronic records, code, etc.  We will need to factor in outsourced services such as HathiTrust, ArchiveIT, and DPN (Digital Preservation Network) as they relate to CUL's overall repository policy. The group will operate as a cross-functional forum for exchanging ideas, creating policies, drafting proposals, making recommendations, and acting as advocates for CUL's repositories and their users.
The goals of this group will be:

  • Reach out to stakeholders at CUL and Cornell at large to determine what is needed from repositories in terms of content, service needs, and sustainability.
  • Develop recommendations and/or scenarios by which CUL can meet those needs, addressing questions of software and architecture, workflow and staffing, and collection development.
  • Work with LibExec to develop an actionable plan to implement the recommendation(s) that best fit the needs for CUL.

The charge will be reviewed every two years, in the Fall. The group will have monthly meetings and organize retreats and CUL forums as needed.




Members: Tre Berney (DSPS), Jenn Colt (DSPS), Deborah Cooper (Mann Library), Jim DelRosso (HLM, Coordinator 2014-2015), Erin Faulder (RMC), Peter Hook (Law), Jason Kovari (LTS, DCAPS, & VRWG liaison), Wendy Kozlowski, Coordinator 2015-2019 (LTS & RDMSG), Jean Pajerek (Law), Michelle Paolillo (DSPS), Gail Steinhart (DSPS), Kizer Walker (Scholarly Resources & CDExec Liaison), Melissa Wallace (DSPS), Simeon Warner (CUL IT).

LibExec Liaisons: Dean Krafft, Sandy Payette

The Repository Executive Group is also grateful for contributions from former members and consultants: Michael Cook (Mann Library), Michelle Edwards (CISER), Steven Folsom (LTS), Sarah Kennedy (Mann Library), Danielle Mericle (DSPS, DCAPS & VRWG), Jeff Piestrak (Mann Library), Jaron Porciello (DSPS), Liz Muller (RMC), Oya Rieger (LibExec Liaison), David Ruddy (DSPS) and Mark Williams (Law)

Repository Executive Group Meetings
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