Jim DelRosso (lead), Wendy Kozlowski, Michelle Paolillo, Simeon Warner, David Ruddy

Active Dates:

May - October 2015


The Repository IR Subgroup had two tasks:

  1. Recommend a response to the offer made by bepress to the Cornell University Library for a campus-wide Digital Commons license. 
  2. Building on the work of the IR User Stories Working Group, construct a features list for the development of a Sufia-Hydra based IR solution for Cornell University.

RepoExec IR Subgroup Report - 16 October 2015

Summary report of features and policies needed to support the institutional repository user stories identified by the IR User Stories Working Group. Prepared by the RepoExec IR Subgroup. This report is intended as a resource to help guide the continuing development of a Sufia-Hydra based IR solution for Cornell University.

IR features and policies report.pdf


Recommendation regarding bepress offer for IR support at Cornell - 9 July 2015

In May 2015, bepress made an offer to the Cornell University Library for a campus-wide Digital Commons license. The core of this offer was the establishment of a fourth Digital Commons repository (intended for “everything else”) for a nmuch less expensive annual fee, the ability to add more repositories at the same annual fee, and the creation of an aggregate site for content from all Cornell Digital Commons repositories. It was the opinion of this subgroup, however, that migrating eCommons content from DSpace to a new Digital Commons repository was not presently a good choice for that content nor was it supportive of LEG's long-term commitment to HYDRA. Advantages and disadvantages of the offer are briefly summarized in the following report.

Recommendation regarding bepress offer 7-2015.docx

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