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Group members: 

Michelle Paolillo, Jenn Colt

Active dates:

June-July 2016


This subgroup was formed to update the 2014 inventory of CUL repositories.  Results of that update are attached to this page and may be downloaded by clicking on the image immediately below, and choosing download in the resulting window.

Inventory as of July 2016:


Trends and changes of note; comments by team:

  • Adds/deletes
    • Some repositories have been decommissioned since the last survey: Luna, Locale (Mann)
    • Some repositories have been added as new since the last survey: SEA Visions/Law, Digital Collections Portal, SEAPapers, Cuneiform
    • Some repositories were missed in the last inventory: KMODDL, CIDC (london06)
  • Shifts in data: Some repositories were in development and are now in production.  Others are preparing for decommission.  Accordingly, changes in responses to questions reflect this.
  • We modified questions asked regarding preservation to surface what we believe to be more actionable information for the coordination of our assets. While many of the questions help identify risks for our assets, the last two help identify opportunities to better coordinate our digital ecosystem (that is, assets across many repositories). 
  • Certain types of questions are fraught with difficulties; particularly, the # items and aggregate storage size mean more in context of each other than they do alone.  (Example: How can we compare a few large video files with thousands of small text files?  The former has a large storage count, but few files, while the latter has a high file count, but smaller storage space.)
  • We feel that the best way to explore and understand this data would be to visualize it.  This is work that has yet to be done. 


Group members: 

Jim DelRosso (lead), Jason Kovari, Wendy Kozlowski, Michelle Paolillo

Active dates:

January - February, 2014


This subgroup was formed to create an inventory of CUL repositories, including information about key descriptive details and features.

Inventory (as of Feb, 2014):







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