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The NG project is modernizing arXiv
For arXiv to continue to provide reliable and rapid dissemination of research, our technical infrastructure needed to be modernized. As reliable as our classic system has been, its codebase and technologies have become antiquated and very difficult to maintain and extend. Over more than 20 years, it has evolved organically into a complicated monolith, comprised...Continue Reading The NG project is modernizing arXiv
Help pages get a facelift
As part of the Next Generation project to rebuild arXiv we are moving our help pages and other static content to a new public repository. The changes deployed today are a first step towards a long overdue reorganization of our Help and About content and making those pages more discoverable to users. You will see...Continue Reading Help pages get a facelift
arXiv NG Phase I: Sloan Grant Wrap-up
A couple of months ago we wrapped up our first phase of arXiv-NG development, with generous support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. We’ve written about various parts of that work in more detail in other blog posts, but it is gratifying to be able to step back and take stock of all that we’ve...Continue Reading arXiv NG Phase I: Sloan Grant Wrap-up
arXiv-NG: In-Person Testing for Submission UI
One of our current arXiv-NG projects is refactoring the submission interface. In June, we invited ten people from a variety of disciplines and career stages at Cornell University to the arXiv offices to test drive the Next Generation submission interface. We used an interactive prototype to simulate the process of submitting a paper to arXiv...Continue Reading arXiv-NG: In-Person Testing for Submission UI
Search v0.4: bug-fixes, date-related searches
This morning we released v0.4 of the arXiv search application. Here is a quick run-down of bug-fixes and new features introduced in this release. New Features Ability to hide abstracts in search result We received quite a few requests for the ability to disable abstracts in search results. We went ahead and added the feature,...Continue Reading Search v0.4: bug-fixes, date-related searches

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