The arXiv Next Generation project is a multi-year effort to modernize the legacy software system that supports arXiv-NG is a large project, with considerable risks. Our Scientific and Member Advisory Boards continue to provide valuable high-level guidance about the project, but we also recognize the need for critical feedback from experts and peers who are actively working in this space. In addition, we recognize that many of the technical decisions that we make throughout this project will have social and scientific impacts that may be difficult for us to anticipate on our own.


The purpose of the arXiv IT AG is to review and discuss technical decisions made by the arXiv IT team, provide critical and constructive feedback and advice, and hold arXiv IT leadership accountable for development and quality goals. Establishing this group is part of our broader effort to increase transparency and communication around IT operations, and so we also hope that the outputs of this group will enhance stakeholder awareness and buy-in.


The IT AG is composed of a handful of experts who are actively involved in developing IT infrastructure to support scholarship. Members are selected and invited by the arXiv IT Team Lead and the Lead Software Architect, and participate on a voluntary basis.

Current members

  • Daina Bouquin, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

  • Mark Doyle, American Physical Society

  • Alberto Accomazzi, Astrophysics Data System

  • Thorsten Schwander, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University


We hope to convene two or three meetings per year, held electronically (e.g. over Zoom or Skype), on dates that are mutually convenient.

  • In advance of each meeting we will provide a summary of IT-related activity over the intervening period, including follow-up regarding earlier recommendations of the AG.

  • The meeting itself will be an opportunity for AG members to ask questions and discuss recent development activity and operational objectives. Given the small size of the group, we hope that this will be an open and informal discussion.

  • Following each meeting, we will compile a brief (about one page) summary of what was discussed, and any specific recommendations. We will ask AG members to attest to its accuracy, and optionally provide additional comments and recommendations. We will make this document publicly available, and share it with our Advisory Boards, funders, and other stakeholders.

In order to keep our regular meetings brief and efficient, we will provide members with regular updates concerning:

  • Planned and new versions of software components, including checkpoints such as alpha and beta testing.

  • External collaborations.

  • Updates to our architectural documentation.

  • Requests for input regarding APIs, technology choices, and IT-related partnerships.

Members are encouraged to ask questions and raise topics of interest or concern throughout the year.

Meeting Summaries

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