Testing Protocol for ANSYS

Below are the step by step video instructions for performing a protocol test on the ANSYS CFD and FEA package. Please download the file below before proceeding to the videos.



1. Link Google Drive (ONLY FOR APPS ON DEMAND)

Video of instruction for linking Google Drive to Apps on Demand. The test file from above should be moved onto the Google Drive account that you will be using so that you can access the testing file on the Apps on Demand server.



Video of instruction for checking the ANSYS FLUENT package:

3. ANSYS Mechanical

Video of instruction for checking the ANSYS STATIC STRUCTURAL package:

4. Linking Solidworks to ANSYS

Solidworks has an Add-in feature that allows the users to import Solidworks model directly into ANSYS at a click of a button. The ensure the Add-in activated, click on "Add-Ins" from tools in the menu tool bar. A window that contains a list of Add-ins will be prompted. Check that ANSYS 14.0 is checked.

After ensuring ANSYS Add-in is activated, the user can load the Solidworks model into ANSYS by clicking on "Workbench" from "ANSYS 14.0" from the menu tool bar.

ANSYS workbench will be launched and the Solidworks model is automatically imported, as shown below:

5. ANSYS Research License Checkout

The research license checkout can be tested using these instructions.

Testing Protocol for Other Tools

Testing Protocol for GH Bladed

Testing protocol for compilers

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