Numerical Solution

Total Deformation

ANSYS will by default solve for the frequencies of the first 6 vibration modes; however, we would also like to see how this affects the geometry. We can accomplish this task by looking at the total deformations of the airfoil to see where the nodes occur and how the geometry deforms. To tell ANSYS to solve for the deformation, first select Solution in the Outline window to bring up the Solution Menu bar. In the Solution Menu, select Deformation > Total. In the Details Window, notice that the deformation is solving for Mode 1. Rename Total Deformation to Mode Shape 1.

Create another instance total deformation and rename it Mode Shape 2. Select it, and change Mode > 2. Now, you will be solving for the deformation of the 2nd Mode. Repeat this step until you are solving for the total deformation of all 6 modes.

To solve the system, press

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