3D Finite Element Analysis of a Bike Crank Using ANSYS AIM

Created using ANSYS 16.2. There may be some differences in newer version (AIM 17.0)

Learning Goals

In this tutorial, you will learn to:

  • Determine the displacements and stresses in a bike crank using 3D FEA capabilities in ANSYS AIM
  • Verify the finite-element results from ANSYS by refining the mesh and also comparing with hand calculations
  • Gain a better understanding of the new ANSYS AIM software and its comparison to Workbench.


Problem Specification

Consider the following bike crank model:

To orient ourselves, the following figure shows the location of a similar bike crank mounted on a bicycle. 

Material properties: The bicycle crank's material is aluminum 6061-t6. The Young's modulus is 10,000 ksi, and the Poisson's Ratio is 0.33 .

Boundary conditions: Apply a load of 100 lbf in the y-direction on the right hole surface and fix the 3 left hole surfaces as shown below. Note that this is an approximation of the actual loads and constraints on the bike crank. 

Using ANSYS AIM, determine the following:

  • Deformed shape and displacement field

  • Stress distribution

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