Step 3: Specify material properties

Main Menu > Preprocessor >Material Props > Material Models ....

This brings up the Define Material Model Behavior menu. Double-click on Structural, Linear, Elastic, and Isotropic.

We'll use the previously defined parameter names to specify the material properties. Enter E for Young's modulus EX, nu for Poisson's Ratio PRXY. Click OK.

To double-check the material property values, double-click on Linear Isotropic under Material Model Number 1 in the Define Material Model Behavior menu. This will show you the current values for EX and PRXY. Cancel the Linear Isotropic Properties window.

When you enter parameter names, ANSYS substitutes the corresponding parameter values as soon as you click OK or Apply.

This completes the specification of Material Model Number 1. Close the Define Material Model Behavior menu.

Save your work

Toolbar > SAVE_DB

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