Make a cylinder

Click on the Z-axis on the compass in the bottom left corner of the screen to look at only the XY-plane. Right click in the empty white space, choose Select New Sketch Plane, and left click on the grid that appears, so that the plane we are building on will be on the XY-plane. Select the Circle drawing tool in the Sketch subgroup of the Design tab. Select the origin and drag out the circle until it is the correct size, or dimension the circle using the highlighted box, pictured below, that appears as you are making the circle.


Once the circle is of the desired outside radius, which was given to be ro=3.25in, use the Pull tool in the Edit subgroup to extrude the cylinder to be 120 inches long.

Cut Hole in Cylinder

Select the plane on which the original geometry was drawn and make another circle with the size of the internal radius given to us as ri=1.75in. You can cut this circle into the cylinder using the Pull tool in the direction of the cylinder, until it has gone all the way through.

You now have the geometry necessary to complete the simulation. Save your project files and press ‘X’ in the top right corner of the modeling window.


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