Turbulent Pipe Flow (LES)

Created using ANSYS 13.0

Problem Specification

Consider fluid flowing through a cylindrical pipe of diameter D = 0.0127 m and length L = 5D = 0.0635 m. The bulk velocity at the pipe inlet is Ubulk = 6.58 m/s. Let us consider the case where the density of the fluid is constant. Take density ρ = 1.331 kg/ m3 _and coefficient of viscosity _µ = 2.34 x 10-5 kg/(ms). The Reynolds number Re based on the pipe diameter and the bulk velocity is

Solve the above fluid flow problem using the LES capability in FLUENT via ANSYS Workbench. Plot the mean and the root mean square velocities versus the radial distance at a particular x/D downstream of the inlet. Compare the mean velocity obtained from the LES simulation with the mean velocity obtained using the k-ε model.

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