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Author: Oswaldo Rodriguez, Cornell University

Problem Specification
1. Create Command Log file
2. Modify Log file - part1
3. Modify Log file - part2
4. Solve
5. Postprocess the results

Problem Specification

Consider the square plate of uniform thickness with a circular hole with dimensions shown in the figure below. The plate is uniaxially loaded with a uniform pressure p=1 MPa. In addition, the plate is made of a Glass/Epoxy composite material with the fibers oriented in same direction as the applied load. The material properties are as follows:

Young's modulus in the fiber direction Ex = 59.3 GPa
Young's modulus in the transverse direction Ey = 22 GPa
In-plane shear modulus Gxy = 8.96 GPa
Major Poisson's ratio nxy = 0.26
Minor Poisson's ratio nyx= 0.047

The circumferential stress concentration on the boundary of the hole is to be determined using ANSYS.

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