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The signpost is made of steel, which is a homogeneous and isotropic material (same properties at all points and in all directions) with Young's modulus E= 3.0e7 psi, Poisson's ratio of 0, and a density of 490 lb/ft^3. It is assumed that the post is a solid cylinder of diameter, d. It is further assumed that after loading, the signpost will remain in its elastic range. This means that when the external load is removed, the material will return to its original shape without suffering permanent deformation. 

Using ANSYS MechanicalAIM, design the post so that the total combined normal stresses and combined shear stresses do not exceed allowable values. Assume allowable stresses of 25 ksi and 16 ksi for normal and shear stress, respectively, which already account for an appropriate factor of safety.