Physics Setup

The video below demonstrates how to specify the materials and boundary conditions.  Instead of the spatially varying wind load in the problem description, we will specify a uniform pressure for WX2 equal to the maximum value, which is a worst-case scenario.


Summary of steps in above video:

  • Change the material of the sign and application surface to Massless Steel.
  • Apply a force to the side of the sign, with 8000 lbf in the Y direction, naming it FY1.
  • Apply another force to the top of the sign, with -11700 lbf in the Z direction, naming it WZ1.
  • Apply a pressure to the application surface, with a pressure of 34.722 psi, naming it WX2.
  • Apply an inertial load in the negative Z-direction.
  • Apply a fixed support to the bottom face of the post.
  • Solve the physics.

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