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  1. Install VPN (skip if on Cornell campus network and jump to step 4)
    1. Choose the appropriate installation link for the operating system that you are using.
    2. This will require Administrative privileges.

  2. Connect to VPN (skip if on Cornell campus network)

  3. Log in to VPN with the tutorial provided in Step 2 (skip if on Cornell campus network)
    Launch the secure mobility client on your computer by typing in the address bar

  4. Open Windows Explorer and right-click on Network in the left bar of Windows Explorer and select Map Network Drive

  5. Map a drive to the link: \\\shared$\MAE\software

  6. Enter network credentials, which is your Cornell netID (might have to add and password. This will work only if you have been provided with access to the network drive.

  7. Select the folder for ANSYS

  8. Open the folder labelled with the operating system you are using

  9. Copy the two folders labelled Disk1 and Disk2 onto a local place on your computer

    Alternatively, you can access the disk files directly through the 2019R2ZIPS folder (or whatever version is the most recent one supported by Cornell) and copy both of them to your local machine.

    You can then access the files inside the ISO in two ways:
    1. If you have Virtual Clone Drive (which can be downloaded for free), mount the ISO files

    2. If you have 7Zip, extract the ISO files

  10. Find "setup.exe" in Disk1 and once the set-up menu loads, select 'Install ANSYS products'. Note that at some points, the installer is slow to respond. 

  11. Run the setup according to the Wizard with the following exceptions:
    1. When you reach the licensing stage, enter into 'Hostname 1' bar: ansys-lic.coecis.cornell.eduImage Removed
    2. For port number, enter 1056 (not 1055) 

      Image Added

    3. Check the box 'Skip this step for Workbench and Configure Later' when asked to enter information about various other programs.

  12. When prompted, you may need to unmount the current disk and mount the next disk (analogous to ejecting the current CD and inserting the next CD).
  13. Return to the set-up menu and select 'Install License Manager'.