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SimCafe ONLY Google Analytics
SimCafe ONLY Google Analytics

Locate and open ANSYS 14.0 folder in the start menu. Open ANSYS Client Licensing and click on User License Preference 14.0.

The license preference window shows the licenses that are available and the order in which ANSYS will use the licenses. The license is set up so that the teaching license is the default. We need to disable the teaching license and move up the research license to the top of the list. In the license preference window, select ANSYS Academic Teaching Advanced and disable it by changing the number from 1 to 0.

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Select ANSYS Academic Research and click on move up.

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Click on Apply to save the changes. Click on OK to exit the License Preference window. ANSYS will now be launched with the academic research license.


Remember to restore the default license after you are done using the research license.

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