Search version 0.4

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This release fixes a variety of bugs reported since the release of search-0.3, and introduces a few minor requested features.


  • Ability to hide abstracts in search result.

  • Add 25 results as an option in search (leave 50 as default)

  • Offer full text and help pages as options in simple search

  • Make "back" link on search results more prominent/obvious

  • Support searches for seven-digit arXiv ID partials

  • Query date ranges should be inclusive

  • Simple search provides shortcut URL routes that limit search to a specific group or archive

  • Search links from browse for archives, and for author name search, use group/archive shortcut routes provided by simple search

  • Filtering search on submission date should apply to all versions by default


  • A handful of specific searches are causing unexpected errors.

  • Author names are not parsed correctly when they are separated by both commas and the word "and".

  • If the search includes a term that starts with a wildcard, a 500 error is returned.

  • Some papers not responding in all-fields search that really should.

  • Unexpected discrepancy between author name searches that individuate name parts and those that do not.