Browse version 0.2

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The following list of features reproduces the features in the classic /abs implementation:

  • Reimplement the home page
  • Reimplement /prevnext route for abs page
  • Reimplement /archive
  • Reimplement the /cookies page
  • Reimplement the /stats pages
  • Reimplement trackback display pages /tb/<arxiv_id> and /tb/recent
  • Update /archive to use new /search links
  • Add support for login status in header
  • Urlize author field on /abs pages

Bug Fixes

  • Fix case where texisms in affiliation not displaying in Browse
  • Fix case where links for Multiple DOIs on abs page are garbled
  • Change form on home page to point to new search
  • /archive should use 2-digit years when generating /year links


  • Move category and other code to arxiv-base
  • Upgrade to latest version of arxiv-base
  • Flask should be instantiated outside of the WSGI application callable
  • Open external anchors using rel="noopener"
  • Adjustments to footer
  • The following preparatory work has been done as part of release, but the associated routes and services will not deployed until the subsequent release:
    • Reimplement /year pages
    • Implement service to support /year
    • Reimplement /list service
    • Implement service to support /list
    • Add cache control headers to /list

Changes from Classic

There are several minor changes from the classic functionality:

  • The "prev" and "next" links now use the /prevnext controller, with the exception of old identifiers