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A  reimplementation of the classic arXiv abstract (/abs) page as python/Flask application with minimal design changes. The application integrates with the existing database and network filesystem.


The following list of features reproduces the features in the classic /abs implementation:

  • Author parsing and search link generation
  • Collapse display of large author lists
  • Support URL filtering on metadata fields
  • RDF tag generation
  • Resolve group/archive/category names where needed from taxonomy defined in arxiv-base
  • Ensure correct canonical / non-canonical category display
  • Submitter "view email" link generation
  • Support TeXism conversions
  • Support handling deleted papers
  • Implement additional query parameters for /abs
  • Extra services: generate download links in full-text links section of page
  • Extra services: license linking
  • Extra services: browse context links
  • Extra services: ancillary files
  • Extra services: trackbacks section
  • Extra services: references and citations section (INSPIRE, ADS)
  • Extra services: bookmarks section
  • Extra services: citation meta tags


  • Cache control headers for abs page
  • URLs for resources that might be accessed from multiple repos of arxiv-ng
  • Replace clickthrough (/ct) route
  • Logging support

Changes from Classic

There are several minor changes from the classic /abs page display:

  • The submitter name shown on the "From:" line now reflects the submitter name from the version being viewed; classic only displayed the submitter name from the latest version

  • UTC is now used instead of GMT in the date line

  • The enigmatic, single-character format codes are now omitted from the date line; in classic these appeared after the source file size parenthetical