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MAE 6230

Bhaskaran Slides, Fall 2012

MAE 4700/5700: Files

Friday section: Slides

ANSYS frame problem in HW3: Partial solution

ANSYS cylinder heat flow problem in HW4: Partial solution

HW6, Mesh files:

HW6, problem 4, Convection heat transfer: Download mesh files

HW6, problem 6, Torsion: Download mesh files

HW7, Mesh files

Download HW7 mesh files

Plate with a hole:

ANSYS plate-with-a-hole problem: Partial solution

MATLAB file for post-processing: plate.m

Mesh files from ANSYS APDL: plate_mesh_for_matlab.zip
These can be read into MATLAB using Main.m included in the ANSYS2Matlab folder.

Bicycle crank:

Bicycle crank assembly (Parasolid file generated in Solidworks)

Bicycle crank partial solution

Bicycle crank partial solution #2

Wheel hub:

Wheel hub igs geometry: wheel_hub_asm.igs

Wheel hub step geometry: wheel_hub_asm.stp

Wheel hub presentation slides: Baja SAE hub tutorial.pptm

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