Zero Tower Deflection with Steady Wind

Similar to the previous tutorial, Zero Blade Deflection with Steady Wind, the tower modes can be set to zero to simulate a wind turbine with zero tower deflection. We will use the Bladed demo project again and adjust the input parameters. The wind condition will be the same as the case with zero blade deflection (steady wind, 11 m/s).


Launch GH Bladed and load the demo file (demo_a.prj).


Click on to edit the wind characteristic. The default wind is set to 3D Turbulent Wind with a mean wind speed of 12 m/s. This turbulent wind is defined in the demo wind file. For our case, we will use a steady wind of 11 m/s. Change the option to No Variation and change the Wind speed to 11 m/s. Change the Flow inclination to 0 degrees. Click on Apply to save the changes.

Tower Modes

Double click on Modal Analysis.

Change the number of tower modes to 0. Click OK to close the Modal Analysis Parameters window.


We will run Start simulation because it simulates the start up response of a wind turbine. Highlight Start, and click on Run Now.

A warning message will appear. This message appears because we have changed the blade modes. Click on Yes to update the modal analysis to proceed.

Save the simulation result in the Bladed result folder (bladed 4.1\results). Name it startup_no_tower_deflection. Close the Calculation Progress window when the run is completed.


Click on Data View.

In Channel 1, select Electrical power from Summary information for "startup_no_tower_deflection.

Select the same variable and independent variable for channel 2, but select "demo_steady_wind_11" for Run Name. Click on View Graph:

You can also check the Nacelle motion by selecting Nacelle Motion in Data Group. Select Nacelle fore-aft displacement for Variables and Time for independent variable. The nacelle displacement will look like the following:

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