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GH Bladed is a commercial software developed by GL Garrad Hassan. An educational guide is made available to students, courtesy of Alec Beardsell from GL Harrad Hassan. The guide provides a brief introduction to the Educational Version of GH Bladed. It contains descriptions of the input modules, the most common calculation and a selection of questions for investigation.

The Bladed Educational Guide can be downloaded here.

Tutorial videos

GL Garrad Hassan also offers some neat tutorial videos on their . In addition to providing step-by-step instructions on how to use the Bladed software,  these videos also explore some of the theory behind wind turbine operations and control.

The complete list of Bladed tutorial videos is as follows:

The first three videos introduces the layout of the Bladed user interface  along with how to perform calculations and display outputs. 

The fourth video, "Basic Turbine Control', provides a clear overview of the principles of VSPR (variable speed pitch regulated) control strategies. The video also includes a clear derivation of the Optimal Mode Gain value, a critical parameter for variable speed control operation. 

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