Specify Material

Open ANSYS Mechanical by double clicking Model. First, we will tell ANSYS which material we are using for the simulation. Expand Geometry, and click Surface Body in the Outline window. In the Details window, select Material > Assignment > Al 6061-T6. The material has now been specified.

Body Sizing

In the outline window, click on . The only thing we will control for this geometry's mesh is the size of the elements. Go to Mesh Control > Sizing to open up the Sizing menu. Select the entire geometry by clicking Body Selection Filter then clicking on the model. Now click Geometry > Apply. Also, change the size of the mesh from default to 0.1 in. (If the units are not in inches, change them by going to Units > U.S. Customary (in, lbm, lbf, F, S, V, A)). Now, generate the mesh by clicking Mesh > Generate Mesh. The final result should look something like this:

Now that the mesh has been created we can begin specifying the boundary conditions for the simulation.

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