In order to verify that the Taylor-Couette phenomenon is happening, velocity vectors need to be plotted that bisects the flow to show the recirculation. Select the outside face of the flow region and click the Add Plane button. Scroll down to Axis 1 Orientation and change Axis to X Axis. Right click the empty space and select Add > Results > Vector, change the Location to Plane 1 and set the Variable to Velocity. Set the Approximate number of points to 1000 and Symbol sizing to 0.6.

It is evident that the Taylor-Couette recirculation regions are happening which means our results match the pre-analysis therefore the simulation is valid.


Dou, H.-S., Khoo, B.C., and Yeo, K.S., Instability of Taylor-Couette Flow between Concentric Rotating Cylinders, Inter. J. of Thermal Science, Vol.47, 2008, Vol.47, No.11, 1422-1435.

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