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Verification & Validation

A good way of validating the results from the simulation are by comparing them to an outside source which has computed results for the same scenario. In this tutorial, “Flow Through a 180 Degree U Bend” by Azore CFD Simulation Software will be compared to the simulation flow. Below is the flow visualization from the simulation from Azore.

This can be compared to our simulation by creating a velocity contour at the midplane created in the solution section previous. Add a contour at the plane and change the variable to velocity magnitude. In order for the results to be visualized the same, change the Coloring to Banded in the Appearance section. The contour is shown below and it validates our simulation. The velocity contours are extremely similar in both flow shape and velocity.


"Flow Through a 180 Degree U Bend." Flow Through a 180 Degree U Bend. Azore CFD Simulation Software, n.d. Web. 18 July 2017.


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