Physics Setup

In the Workflow, press the Physics button. Right click on the enclosure and select Hide Body.   

Specify Material

Next to Material Assignments, press the Add drop down menu Material Assignment > Search for Cast Iron (Material Samples) and select it. Make sure you change the Isotropic relative permeability to 1(10)^5. Next, click on the Body Selection tool in top right corner and select the three beams and click Add.  


Next, a magnetic material will be created. Instead of searching for cast iron, search “Mag” and click on Create Mag. Set the Default State to Solid. To create a material property, select Add and choose the following material properties. Input 625000 S  m^-1 for Isotropic Electrical Conductivity. Input 5.305 for Isotropic Relative Permeability. Input 150000 A m^-1 for the Magnetic Coercivity. (You can use “Type to Search” to find the Magnetic Coercivity property.) Select Cartesian magnetization direction, then input 3/2 for the X direction (you can enter the expression sqrt(3)/2 to define the x direction) and 1/2 for the Y direction. 

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