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2. Geometry

Launch Design Modeler

In order to start the Design Modeler (Double Click) Geometry. After the Design Modeler opens, select meter as the desired length unit.

Proper Orientation

The sketching will be done in the XY plane, so (Click) XY Plane, then click on the face plane button, .

Line Sketching

The laminate plate will be modeled using shell elements, thus the geometry needed will simply be a square in the XY Plane. In order to draw the rectangle (Click) Sketching > (Click) Rectangle then draw a rectangle in the XY Plane.


Dimension the rectangle such that both sides are defined to be 10m.

Surface Creation

Here, the rectangle will be turned into a surface. To do so (Click)Concept > Surface From Sketches. Next, highlight all four edges of the rectangle and select Apply in the "Details of SurfaceSK1" table. Now, click the generate button, , in order to create the surface.

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