Step 7: Solve!

Enter Solution Module

Main Menu > Solution > Solve > Current LS

This solves the current load step (LS) i. e. the current loading conditions. In our problem, there is only one load step; ANSYS allows for multiple load steps that can be solved sequentially without leaving the Solution module.

Review the Problem

Review the information in the /STAT Command window. This is a summary of the problem that ANSYS is about to solve.

Close this window.

Perform Solution

Click OK in Solve Current Load Step menu.

ANSYS performs the solution and a window should pop up saying "Solution is done!". Congratulations! You just obtained your first ANSYS solution.

Close the window.

In preparation for the postprocessing step to be undertaken next, exit the solution module by closing the Solution menu.

Verify that ANSYS has created a file called truss.rst in your working directory. This file contains the results of the (previous) solve. The rst extension in the filename stands for results from a structural analysis. The truss.db file contains only steps 1-6. To resume your work subsequent to exiting ANSYS, you'll have to first resume from the jobname.db file and then read in the results from the jobname.rst file using

Main Menu > General Postproc > Read Results > First Set

This is one of the many ANSYS quirks you'll encounter as you work with the program.

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