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Problem Set 1

Problem Statement

We used a 4-node quad element (PLANE42) in the tutorial. ANSYS also offers a 8-node quad element (PLANE82). Re-solve the tutorial problem using the PLANE82 element. Compare plots of the nodal and element solution of the von Mises stress for the two cases. You may use either mesh for this problem (although the final results presented here are done using the coarser mesh).


Look at the steps and think about which ones you have to change.

When you remesh the object, notice the following changes:

Higher Resolution ImageVisit page in new window

The number of nodes has increased!

To see why, do:

Utility Menu > PlotCtrls > Multi-plot Ctrls ...

Click OK. Then on the Multi-Plotting Window that comes up, deselect everything but Nodes and Elements.

Click OK.

Then go to Plot >  Multi-Plots

In the Graphics Window, you will now see the nodes in between the lines. There are 8 points for each quadrilateral area instead of the four we had before!

Final Result

Here are the Nodal and Element Solutions you should have gotten:

Nodal Solution

Higher Resolution ImageVisit page in new window

Element Solution

Higher Resolution ImageVisit page in new window

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