Gwyddion is used to view and analyze data collected from the AFM Veeco Icon .

Primarily, Gwyddion is intended for the analysis of height fields. However, it can be used for general height field and (greyscale) image processing, for instance for the analysis of profilometry data or thickness maps from imaging spectrophotometry. Gwyddion provides a large number of data processing functions, including all the standardd statistical characterization, levelling and data correction, filtering or grain marking functions.

Gwyddion is Free and Open Source software, covered by GNU General Public License. It aims to provide a modular program for 2D data processing and analysis that can be easily extended by third-party modules and scripts. Moreover, thanks to being free software, it provides the source code to developers and users, which makes easier both verification of its data processing algorithms and further program improvements.

Version 2.40 is installed on the CNF conversion computers. Keep in mind this is not the latest version of the software and is the latest version of the software that will run under the current operating system.

Run Gwyddion with the following command:



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