NanoScope Analysis is a software package for analyzing SPM data (images, ramp data, HSDC, etc.) collected using Bruker SPMs.  Current features include:

  • Automation of image processing and analysis using “Run History” and browser improvements
  • Image Export allows export of images to BMP, TIFF, PNG and JPG with or without scale and color bar and either at a given dpi or with the original pixels.  Works with “Run History” to allow many files to be exported at once.
  • Creation of AVI movies using Image Export and Run History
  • Support for SIS files from Bruker NEOS microscopes
  • Threshold indicator for Flatten and Plane-fit
  • Synchronized cursors and analyses: select multiple channels by control-clicking on the tabs.  Subsequent analyses or cursors will be applied to all selected channels
  • Color table editor: choose Commands>Adjust image color scale from the menu
  • Additional monitor size support now includes netbooks, laptops, multiple monitors, etc.
  • Linearity verification
  • Compatible with data from both NanoScope and SPMLab based Scanning Probe Microscopes
  • All major functions of Nanoscope v8.xx offline
  • More intuitive organization of channels and files – no more overlapping windows
  • Image processing and analysis history with Undo/Redo
  • Save your image processing and analysis work at the end of the day and automatically recreate it later
  • Compatible with 64bit operating systems and Windows 7
  • Choose between automatic or 'as captured' data scaling
  • Improved image display of quantitative data
  • Improved hi-res 3D rendering
  • Context sensitive online help -- just hit F1
  • Particle Analysis
  • Bearing Analysis
  • Image Math (add, subtract, multiply, divide images or scaled 'unit image')
  • Arbitrary image rotation (not just multiples of 90 degrees)
  • Histogram based data range/brightness/contrast & color table selection


To run AFM NanoScope Ananlysis via RemoteApp:

  • from any of the CNF Windows PCs, use the icon on the desktop (version 1.5 has a separate icon)
  • from CNF Thin, use the following command:

    # OR for version 1.5
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