Before you start to convert CUWebAuth to Shibboleth, review your CUWebauth configurations and compare them to this instruction. If you are using any CUWebAuth feature that is no longer available in Shibboleth, you need to modify your application to replace it with other method before you convert.

Features that are not supported in Shibboleth:

  • CUWebAuth Portal Permit: <Location /CUWAPortal/Permit>    
    Suggestion: Your application need to query Active Directory to get group membership.
  • CUWebAuth Portal Proxy: <Location /CUWAPortal/Proxy>
  • CUWebAuth DavLogin: SetHandler cuwa_davlogin

When you are ready to covert, follow the instruction to install/configure Shibboleth Service Provider first. Shibboleth Service Provider is one of the products that implement SAML protocol. You may choose other SAML service provider product that work best with your application. For example, you may want to use simpleSAMLPHP if you have a PHP application.

CUWebAuth Directive to Shibboleth mapping

AuthType all

AuthType shibboleth

ShibRequestSetting requireSession 1

Require shib-session

Require valid-userRequire valid-user
Require netid netid1 netid2

Require  shib-attr uid netid1 netid2

Require permit myPermit

Require  shib-attr groups myPermit

*Group membership is not released by default. Please specify group name in shibboleth integration form

Require nopromptNot supported
CUWA2FARequire all

Apache 2.4

ShibRequestSetting authnContextClassRef
    Require shib-session
    Require authnContextClassRef ""

Apache 2.2
ShibRequestSetting authnContextClassRef
ShibRequireAll on
ShibCompatWith24 on
Require shib-session
Require authnContextClassRef ""

CUWA2FARequire permit-name1 permit-name2Not supported in Shibboleth SP.  But can be supported in Shibboleth IDP. Please specify your requirement in shibboleth integration request form
<Sessions lifetime= ... >
CUWACredentialAge 0 or low value (the purpose is forcing user to re-login)

<Sessions  ... timeout=...>
Combination of CUWACredentialAge and CUWAinactivityTimeout for the purpose of forcing user re-login

ShibRequestSetting forceAuthn true

Configure a Service Provider to Force Re-Authentication



If your site supports GuestID login, there is no special configuration needed on your end. You just need to indicate that in Shibboleth integration request form.

If your site supports Weill Medicine CWID login, please read:

Login with Cornell NetID and Weill Cornell CWID

CUWAInquireWhen CUWAInquire is defined in CUWebAuth, your application probably retrieve user's group from server variable CUWA_GROUPS. When you convert it to shib, let us know the group names your application need to know in Shibboleth integration request form. Then your application can retrieve user's group from server variable "groups"

Following directives can be simply deleted:

AuthName Cornell





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